Lisa Levine

 Supporter Spotlight: The 1989 Society Member, Lisa Levine

Foundation: Please provide some brief background and biographical information about yourself. Tell me where you went to school, how you first became involved in the industry, your career progression over the years, etc.

Lisa: I grew up in area of Saratoga, NY and graduated from State University of NY at Oswego (SUNY Oswego).  During my last year in college, I had a full-time internship creating the Northern NY Chapter of the American Heart Association.  It was through that internship that I found my passion for association/foundation work.  I immensely enjoy the partnership between industry professionals and association staff, to further the mission of the organization.

In 1999, I was given the opportunity to serve as the first Executive Vice President of the ELFF, leading all vision and operations of the newly expanded Foundation.  The truth is, I new NOTHING about equipment finance, but I knew how to run and expand a foundation, grow volunteer involvement, and expand fundraising capabilities.

Foundation: Tell me a little bit about your work now.

Lisa: I recently retired from the Energy Bar Association where I served ten years as CEO of the association and two affiliated foundations.

Foundation: When and why did you decide to support the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation?

Lisa: I worked with the ELFF for eleven years and during that time, supported the Foundation in various ways. After departing ELFF in 2010, I have remained interested and involved, although a bit more at arm’s length, as my husband is Ralph Petta, CEO of ELFA.  I still attend the ELFA Annual Convention, as well as many other events, where the Foundation is featured, and I am still a big cheerleader for its mission and purpose.

Foundation: Why do you feel it is important to make a legacy gift, that will extend your impact on the industry far into the future?

Lisa: I may be partial, as I was involved for 11 years in helping to create valuable research and information for the industry.  The Foundation has continued to grow and expand its products and academic outreach, all to the benefit of the industry members.  I have always enjoyed hearing how much those new and experienced, value the Foundation resources.

Foundation: What would you tell someone who was thinking about joining The 1989 Society?

Lisa: “Pay it Forward” – This industry has been very good to so many – its important to keep the work of the Foundation assessable to all.

To learn more about legacy giving, visit The 1989 Society website for more information.