Beyond the Guest Lecture

Interested in engaging with students beyond the Guest Lecture Program? The Foundation shares resources for engagement beyond the classroom.


Shadow Programs 

Job shadowing allows a student to spend a few hours or a day with a professional working in the student's career interest. The student has the opportunity to experience what the job is like and can ask questions too! Job shadowing gives you the opportunity to meet future industry professionals and connect your company with a pool of potential interns/ new hires in your community.



Internship Resources

The Foundation Internship Resource Page provides a resource for students to search some of the top companies providing internship opportunities in the field of equipment finance.



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Experiential Learning  

Engage directly with a local university and connect with students in your area by participating in Experiential Learning. Experiential Learning creates unique real world educational experiences for students while providing measurable value to your company.

    • Partner with a university for a semester to develop a problem statement
    • Faculty selects students- Teams are the best and the brightest--you get exposure to, and see the students in action
    • Meet with the students to discuss problem statement
    • Students produce final presentation and report
    • A number of companies use this as a tool for recruiting