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Created in 1980, the Journal of Equipment Lease Financing publishes leading research across all the major topics of the industry. Each issue of the Journal reaches thousands of industry participants, academics, finance professionals, libraries, and government and financial institutions around the country. The Journal is published three times a year and distributed electronically. Journal articles are available for download in the Foundation online Library. You may also sign up for your own subscription below.

New for Spring 2023:

From Traditional to Digital to Next-Generation Captive Finance
By Michael Donnary

Captive finance companies know only too well that while they protect their existing business models, they are facing a changing marketplace. However, based on a Foundation study, many or most lack the bold vision and tangible actions necessary to prepare their organizations for a change in customer mindset. This article describes the direction, focus, and foundation that will help them remain competitive in an uncertain future.

Economic Obsolescence to Marine Assets: A Timely Update
By Basil M. Karatzas

Valuation of marine vessels is complicated, not only in light of their high capital cost base but also in terms of shifting trading trends and a tightening regulatory environment, both domestically and internationally. The regulatory environment is only one variable. The ability to quantify functional and technological obsolescence is another. It is essential for lessors and other financiers to conscientiously analyze asset risk.

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