Industry Future Council

This year, the Foundation partnered with Keybridge Research to conduct a forward-looking project titled Looking Ahead to the Post-Pandemic Economy: A Strategic Assessment of the Equipment Finance Industry. IFC Members served as the primary focus group and advising team for this project, working independently and in virtual sessions to provide insight and input to guide the foreseeable future of the industry.

The Industry Future Council (IFC) is comprised of a cross-section of selected industry executives. The IFC participants explore current issues, trends, and the outlook for the future of the equipment finance industry. The IFC convenes throughout the year to discuss major issues and to provide insights for how potential opportunities and challenges may impact the industry's long-term vitality.

Thank you to the 2021 IFC Sponsors, Equifax and Solifi.

Interested in learning more about futures thinking and how it applies to your business? Watch a micro-lesson: "An Introduction to Futures Thinking" by Terry Grim of Foresight Alliance. This video provides a basic overview of the concepts and language for the discipline of foresight, as well as the art and practice of looking ahead for meaningful changes.