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Episode 19: De-mystifying Equipment as a Service (EaaS) Business Models
Diane Croessmann of The Alta Group joins host Kelli Nienaber for this episode of the Foundation Podcast. Listen in as they unpack the details of EaaS business models, including risk management. These EaaS offerings are in demand by customers and it’s important to understand how they are structured, what pitfalls to avoid and how traditional funders might find new opportunities.

Vertical Series Episode 4: Information Technology
In this episode, Kelli Nienaber and Will Tefft speak with Tom Sager, Vice President at Tech Trade Partners, a subsidiary of Remarkets. They discuss the prospects for leasing IT equipment (servers, storage, networking, computers, mobile devices, and printers) including market size, maintenance, and value retention as well as new opportunities for AI hardware and data protection.

Episode 18: 2024 U.S. Economic Outlook
In this conversation, Kelli Nienaber is joined by Jeff Jensen of Keybridge Research, Nancy Pistorio of Madison Capital, LLC and Jeff Elliott of Huntington Asset Finance for a discussion about the outlook for the U.S. Economy in 2024 and specifically how the equipment finance industry may be impacted. The group explores potential opportunities and challenges, shares expert insights, and makes some predictions for the year ahead.

Episode 17: State of Equipment Finance: A New Normal After the Liquidity Crisis
In this episode, Kelli Nienaber speaks with Rick Remiker, Vice Chair at The Alta Group about the State of the Equipment Finance Industry in the several months following the liquidity crisis. How has the industry changed, lessons learned and what might be on the horizon. For additional information, view the Foundation’s Impact Survey.

Vertical Series Episode 3: Additive Manufacturing
In this episode, Kelli Nienaber and Will Tefft speak with Jim Minchella, president and senior analyst at Micor Analytics. Jim shares his expertise on all things additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing. For more information on this topic, visit 3dprintingindustry.comtctmagazine.com, or additivemanufacturing.com.

Vertical Series Episode 2: Corporate Aircraft
In this episode, hosts Kelli Nienaber and Will Tefft speak with Dennis Rousseau of AircraftPost on all things Corporate Aircraft.

Vertical Series Episode 1: Plastic Injection Molding
This is a new series appearing in the Foundation Podcast feed all about different equipment finance market verticals. For the first episode in this new series, Kelli is joined by Will Tefft, Foundation Trustee and SVP Equipment Management at Pacific Western Bank. On this episode, Kelli and Will learn all about the plastic injection molding industry from Ken Heyse, President and Managing Director at Plastics One Asset Advisors, LLC.

Episode 16: Effects of Inflation on Liquidity
In this episode, Kelli speaks with David Normandin of Wintrust Specialty Finance and Eli Sethre of Channel about liquidity as it relates to inflation and a possible recession. This episode is a companion to episode 15 on credit, so go back and listen to that one for a full perspective. Additionally, this episode was recorded on the morning of March 10 prior to the changes in the banking industry, so that is not part of this discussion.

Episode 15: Battening Down the Hatches for a Possible Recession
In this episode, Kelli speaks with Kevin Prykull, a credit professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry and current adjunct professor at Duquesne University. Kevin shares his insights into credit risks, what a recession may look like, and how younger industry professionals can prepare themselves.

Episode 14: 2023 U.S. Economic Outlook
In this episode, Kelli speaks to Jeff Jensen, Vice President of Keybridge Research, to discuss what’s ahead for the US Economy in 2023. Plus a little bonus basketball talk.

Episode 13: Recruiting with the Guest Lecture Program
In this episode, Kelli speaks to Donna Yanuzzi, Director of Equipment Finance, 1st Equipment Finance and Academic Outreach Committee Chair, Nancy Robles, President and Chief Compliance Officer at Eastern Funding and Foundation Trustee, and Jeff Dicosola, Sales Executive at Great American Insurance Group. All three of these industry leaders share their experiences delivering Guest Lectures to colleges and universities all over the US.

Episode 12: Inflation and the Equipment Finance Industry
In this episode, Kelli speaks with Dr. Rob Wescott of Keybridge Research on our current inflationary environment. They also expand on concepts discussed in the Foundation’s recent inflation research paper.

Episode 11: What Do I Need to Know About Today's Ever-Changing Funding Environment?
In this episode, Kelli speaks with David Wiener, Managing Director at The Alta Group and Robert Moskovitz, Chief Financial Officer at Verdant Capital about the Foundation’s recent Funding Study. David co-authored the study, while Robert is deeply embedded in the funding space as part of an independent commercial equipment finance company.

Episode 10: The ESG Imperative
In this episode, Kelli speaks to Patricia Voorhees of the Alta Group, one of the study's authors and Razi Amin of Aspen Capital, an influential voice in ESG. For more ESG content, read the Foundation's recent study.

Episode 9: Industry Future Council and 2022 Economic Outlook
In this episode, Foundation Executive Director Kelli Nienaber is joined by Jeff Jensen, Vice President at Keybridge Research and Ricky Rios, COO of Commercial Finance at CEFI to discuss the 2021 Industry Future Council (IFC) Report, its six trends, and what they mean for the future. The episode also covers the recently released 2022 Economic Outlook report.

Episode 8: Cybersecurity   
In this episode, Foundation Executive Director Kelli Nienaber speaks with two cybersecurity professionals, Erich Kron of KnowBe4 and Dan Brandt Lautman of Delcor. These conversations build off of the cybersecurity resources shared by the Foundation, with a focus on individual cybersecurity awareness and corporate cybersecurity preparedness.

Episode 7: Return to the Office – Part 2   
In this episode, Foundation Executive Director Kelli Nienaber is joined by returning guests Deb Baker of HP, Inc and Brian Madison of TrinityRail Leasing & Management Services. The conversation around returning to the office continues in Part 2 with discussion of the workforce of the future, balancing in-person collaboration with hybrid teams, investment in technology resources, and measuring success in a post-pandemic environment.

Episode 6: Return to the Office – Part 1     
A full year after many people shifted to remote work from home during the health pandemic, Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation Executive Director Kelli Nienaber talks with industry leaders about the many considerations companies face when bringing employees back to corporate office spaces. Deb Baker of HP, Inc, Brian Madison of TrinityRail Leasing & Management Services, and Laurie Bakke of Western Equipment Finance share practical experiences of implementing health and safety measures at the office while also balancing flexible options for employees with meeting the evolving needs of customers. Plus, they forecast the return of business travel. This episode is Part 1 of a two-part series.

Episode 5: Where We Are Now, and Where We Are Headed
In the final episode of 2020, Executive Director Kelli Nienaber discusses recent Foundation releases with Jeff Jensen, Vice President at Keybridge and producer of the popular Economic Outlook series, as well as the Equipment Finance in 2020: Special COVID-19 Impact Issue report. Hear data highlights from these reports, a sneak peek at what to expect for equipment finance in 2021, and much more.

Episode 4: Have the Capital Markets Recovered from COVID-19?
Attention CFOs and Treasurers! In this episode, we offer a temperature reading on the health of the Capital Markets today, exploring how sick the Capital Markets were at the height of this global pandemic, whether structures and collateral pools changed during COVID-19, and much more. Three executives with Capital Markets expertise offer their unique perspectives: Du Trieu, Senior Director, Asset-Backed Securities, Fitch Ratings; Stewart Hayes, Senior Vice President, Lender Finance, Wells Fargo Commercial Capital; and Matthew Goldenberg, Treasurer, Balboa Capital.

Episode 3: A Deep Dive Into the COVID-19 Impact Survey
To continue the conversation, we examine the Foundation’s newest research resource developed to assess the impact of the pandemic on the equipment finance industry. Host and Foundation Executive Director Kelli Nienaber welcomes guests Tom Ware, President, Tom Ware Advisory Services, LLC and Foundation Research Committee Chair, and Chris Enbom, CLFP, CEO and Chairman, AP Equipment Financing and a member of the Foundation Research Committee in this third podcast release of 2020. View the May Impact Survey results graphic for reference.

Episode 2: Credit Risk in a COVID-19 Environment
In response to COVID-19, host Kelli Nienaber speaks with three equipment finance credit executives: Lou Maslowe of Marlin Capital Solutions; Eric McGriff of TIAA Bank; and Kevin Prykull of PNC Equipment Finance. Hear directly from industry leaders on how and why the coronavirus differs from the 2008 Great Recession from a credit perspective, approaching this crisis today vs. a 3-6-month timeframe, restructuring, and more.

Episode 1: 2020 Industry Future Council
Join Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation Executive Director and host Kelli Nienaber for an engaging discussion on the Foundation's 2020 Industry Future Council (IFC) with Foundation Chair Scott Thacker and Futurist/IFC Facilitator Terry Grim of Foresight Alliance. Learn about how the IFC has evolved, how to think like a futurist, and next steps for the 2020 IFC.

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