Application Procedure


Carefully read all items below, before submitting your grant proposals:

  • All proposals must include an executive summary, not to exceed one page, which sets forth the purpose of the research and a brief description of what the author hopes to accomplish with the research.
  • A detailed budget must accompany each proposal. This budget will detail how funds will be spent. Requests for summer funding will be considered.
  • Identify specific activities and timetable for meeting your research stated objectives.
  • Identify those organizations/individuals, if any, with which you plan to collaborate and other resources you may draw upon (financial and otherwise) to complete this project.
  • All grant applicants will be required to submit vitae, detailing qualifications and academic and other relevant experience.
  • Research proposals must be submitted electronically.
  • All research proposals are subject to modification by the Foundation's Research Committee and/or Board of Trustees. Proposals so modified may be resubmitted.
  • All grant awardees must agree to submit an appropriate version of the research study for publication, an article for Foundation's Journal of Equipment Lease Financing, a 250 word abstract, and if requested by the ELFF Board of Trustees, be available for verbal and on-line presentations.
  • The amount of the grant award may vary based on the strength of the application and the number of applicants.
  • Projects that are awarded a grant must be complete within 6 months of the date of the acceptance letter (unless otherwise agreed upon).


Tips for a Winning Proposal 

When reviewing or considering a proposal, prospective researchers and the Foundation Research Committee should answer the following questions to help identify a "winner".

After reading this study:

  • How can the reader use this study?
  • How will the reader change his business?
  • How can you implement this study within your company?
  • How do you apply the findings within the industry?
  • What additional questions does this study raise?