Grant Opportunities

The Foundation partners with academics, economists, and consultants to produce forward-looking studies addressing critical industry topics. We offer access to certain statistical databases to enable fundamental research with high impact.

If you wish to submit a research grant proposal on one of the suggested industry topics below, or for your own original idea, please review our Application Procedures. If you'd like to submit an article for consideration for the Journal of Equipment Lease Financing, please see the Author Guidelines.


Industry Topics


  • How to Be Green -  How to reduce your carbon footprint


  • E-Signature, Electronic Chattel Paper


  • Fraud - What are the newest techniques to stop fraud?


  • How will you fund yourself over the next 5 years? What position do regional banks have in future funding?
  • Alternative Funding Strategies – How Industrial Banks Can be the go-to funding source
  • Have/Have not's – will those taking deposits be in favor? Will the government invest in some entities and do away with others?
  • Divisional cost of capital – borrowing at one rate and using that rate to subsidize other deals

Government Financing

  • State of Federal and State Leasing Market


  • International series with a focus on Middle East and eastern European countries


  • From a historical perspective what have the variables been?
  • Is there some correlation of variables and liquidity?
  • Which variables have more power?
  • Do we have reason to believe these same variables will continue in the future? Why or why not?

Managed Solutions

  • Emerging in overlap between managed solutions and what replaces overlapping leases
    • Combines leases and service into one combine document (one combined transaction vehicle)
    • Possibly syndication

Mid Market

  • Mid-Market Forum: Experiences and Best Practices from the Small to Mid-Size Players of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry

Public Policy

  • Regulatory Issues: The impact of regulations on the industry - What will equipment finance look like in 5 years?
  • Exploring the impacts of evolving US public policy on the equipment leasing and finance industry

Tax Policy

  • Looking back to go forward. What happened when tax rates went up? What happened to our industry when tax breaks were given?
  • US Taxes and Their Global Effect: Operating in a global multi-gasp environment.


  • Technology Series: A look at PC, telecom, office machines, postage machines, etc. In addition to dimensioning the market and driving forces, study should include an assessment of solutions like managed solutions (bundled service, dial tone etc), cost per use, and other product trends.


  • Transparency: A Roadmap for a sustainable competitive advantage