April 2018 Monthly Confidence Index Survey Charts

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Generally speaking, do you expect your business conditions to get better or worse over the next four months?

Over the next four months, do you expect demand for leases or loans to fund CapX to increase, decline or stay the same?

Over the next four months do you expect to have more or less access to capital to fund your leasing and lending business?

Over the course of the next few months, will your company be hiring more employees, fewer employees, or making no change in the workforce?

Generally speaking, how would you rate the current U.S. economy at this time?

Over the next six months will economic conditions in the U.S. get better or worse?

Over the next six months, will your company increase or decrease spending on business development activities?

Type of Company:

Market Segments Based on Transaction Size of New Business Volume (select all that apply):

Organization Size (Based on Annual New Business Volume for Fiscal Year):

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