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Keybridge is a public policy economics consulting firm. Keybridge provides analytical support and strategic advice to a select clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies, global financial firms, G-7 governments, premier industry associations, and non-profit organizations. Keybridge’s experience and expertise make it uniquely suited to assist organizations that frequently operate at the interface of business, economics, and public policy.

Founded in 2001, Keybridge’s mission is to provide balanced, credible, and timely technical analysis and strategic insights that inform business decisions and drive public policy debates. Our dedication to the principles of sound analysis, clear communication, and unmatched client service guide our work and serve as the foundation of our success.

Keybridge’s senior staff is comprised of experts with distinguished academic credentials and extensive experience in the areas of economics and public policy. On a day-to-day basis, Keybridge principals work closely with clients to develop strategy and conduct timely analysis. For longer-term projects and highly specialized topics, the firm leverages its network of advisers — including world-class experts in the fields of econometrics, energy, and finance — to build project teams tailored to clients’ unique needs.

Keybridge provides clients with access to a full suite of analytical services, including macroeconomic risk assessments, econometric modeling studies, policy impact studies, qualitative policy evaluations, and survey design and analysis. For clients requiring regular consultations, Keybridge offers on-going strategic advisory services in the areas of macroeconomic trends and risks, international trade and finance, and energy and environmental economics. Keybridge also assembles and manages inter-disciplinary teams of experts to conduct thought leadership projects to assist clients with building competitive advantages or reforming policy debates through the development, sharing, and application of innovative ideas. Keybridge’s principals are regularly asked to present research and share insights with economic, financial, and policy audiences around the world, including corporate strategic planning committees, congressional committees, and international conferences.


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