Industry Future Council Meets, Forecasts

Posted 02/05/13

 The highly-anticipated Industry Future Council Report is in production! The 2013 Council, co-sponsored by PayNet and International Decision Systems, met on January 28th–29th to discuss and predict trends and events that will impact the industry. The IFC report summarizes the two-day discussion and serves as a workbook for industry leaders to use when planning and benchmarking their company’s success. The council is comprised of 20 executives, representative of each industry market segment and ticket size.

   The 2013 discussion started with a substantive conversation about how the industry was depicted in the 2008 IFC report and where that council believed the industry would be in 2013.  Predicted indicators of recovery such as housing and employment have been met, but are not fully restored. However, the industry has shown itself to be a survivor and could even offer future opportunities for new entrants into equipment finance, especially in niche areas.

    One area of growth seen by the IFC was the continuation and future addition of services and solutions beyond just financing equipment.        

     Additionally, there was consensus that one thing will not change, even in the face of great technological advances: the industry will remain a “people” business and having the right people on staff and the right customer support would continue to be key to a successful business.

     The 2013 report will be available in early March and is available free of charge to Foundation donors.


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