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Foundation Releases New Accounting Impact Study

Posted 12/07/11

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation just released a new study, Economic Impacts of the Proposed Changes to Lease Accounting Standards. Researched and written by IHS Global, Inc., this study addresses the future accounting changes and what that will mean for the industry.

Recently, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) proposed a new model under which the value of operating leases would be capitalized and added to a company’s balance sheet (as both an asset and a corresponding liability). In addition, income statements would be modified to replace current rent payments with implied interest and amortization expenses.

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation commissioned IHS Global, Inc. to assess the potential economic consequences for the new lease accounting standards. The new study, Economic Impacts of the Proposed Changes to Lease Accounting Standards, was developed using combined methodologies of analyzing financial data for more than 1,800 US companies, and qualitative reviews of 105 representative comment letters submitted to FASB (in response to an Exposure Draft of the proposed rules).

Download your copy of this ground-breaking study now at the Foundation's online library, or view the executive summary and download a quick fact sheet here


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